Our special guest speaker for the September meeting is Allan Kleynhans

    Allan Kleynhans – Speaker, Coach, Facilitator



Allan Kleynhans

 Alan’s talk draws a lot from his own story of overcoming adversity and achieving happiness and success and will inspire you to take new empowered action in the direction of your passions and goals and also provide practical steps for those who are facing adversity and challenges.

“I live and work from the core belief that people are born with enormous reserves of power and energy. Encouraged, tapped and channeled correctly, this energy allows people to create and perform at an outstanding level. From a leadership perspective, when you get individuals to invest themselves emotionally in a common vision with purpose, you build an unstoppable team. In today’s world change is inevitable, while growth is optional. Embracing change and growth is the key to long-term success. I look forward to working with your team to make that happen.”