Keelan Cunningham talk will be…

The 7 Secrets of Wealth Creation – A Roadmap to Financial Freedom
What is it that separates those who become financially free, from the vast majority of people who struggle with money worries for the rest of their lives? Well, this is the question Keelan will answer at this exclusive, once-off talk for The Yes Group which will be draw upon the wealth-building principles and proven systems outlined in his critically-acclaimed first book “The 7 Secrets of Wealth Creation”.

Keelan will be sharing his own story and unique insights during this talk.  As a much sought after expert and promoter in the field of personal fulfilment and financial freedom, Keelan will also be explaining the intriguing, little-known relationship between wealth creation and life purpose.

Just some of the things you will learn on the night are:

  • The #1 Factor That Will Determine Whether You’ll Be Wealthy (or Not)
  • The 4 Hidden Destinations on the Road to Financial Freedom.
  • The Secret Relationship between Wealth Creation and the Purpose of Life.
  • Little-Know Strategies to End Your Money Worries for Good & Building Wealth that Lasts!

It’s a widely documented fact that most people live unfulfilled, limited lives. Why!? Because most people never had access to the kind of information Keelan had to discover for himself through his own unique experiences and life’s journey to date. Don’t miss out on this once-off opportunity. Discover how to end your money worries for good with Keelan as he shares with you everything you ever needed to know about how to live a life of true wealth and abundance.

Peter Pure talk will be

“How You Can Use Plants to Heal Yourself and
Live a Longer Happier Life”

Discover the Healing Power of Plants:

  • The Scandinavian mountain berry that REVERSES mental decline
  • The fruit that DRAMATICALLY increase your IMMUNE FUNCTION
  • The rare berry that can cause you to live SIX YEARS LONGER than you would do
  • otherwise
  • The two tasty tropical fruits that dissolve SCAR TISSUE, a major component of aging
  • The British root vegetable, that massively INCREASES YOUR STAMINA
  • The fruit that DRAMATICALLY REDUCES a mans chances of getting prostate
  • problems
  • The everyday vegetable that PREVENTS brain degeneration, and keeps your
  • thinking, tip top!
  • The herb which is a cornerstone to building STRONG BONES
  • The leafy veg that help keep you CANCER FREE
  • The tasty spice that keeps unwanted visitors out of your body
  • The autumn fruits that helps you stay regular, and keep you out of bowl problems
  • The two everyday vegetables that PREVENTS CATARACTS
  • In addition, you will also learn how you can:
  • Slow down your rate of ageing
  • Keep yourself healthy and free of disease
  • Learn how you can get your family and friends begging to eat more healthy plants
  • even the ones they don’t like!

Of course, there will be a lot more than this!