Judy Barber

Judy’s the author of the coaching classic ‘Good Question! The Art of Asking Questions to Bring about Positive Change’ and is busy with a book on wellness, also to be published by Joe Gregory of Rethink Press, who sponsor this group.

Judy has a very strong personal development background and teaching experience with a wide range of people. She has been a personal/professional life coach since 2003 and is also an NLP Practitioner and ‘Clean Facilitator’. In 2008 she took her life long love affair with the kitchen to Florida where she trained as a Hippocrates Health Educator in raw food and wellness. Since then she’s been back there to teach and has presented, run workshops, coached one to one with people’s life and/or food and wellness agendas. She’s also enjoyed herself in the kitchen creating delicious raw food dishes that look good, taste even better and that contribute to wellbeing and energy. With the help of RethinkPress she turned her scruffy notebook into her new recipe book ‘Good Raw Food Recipes’. The next notebook is filling up fast and she’s still full of enthusiasm about the benefits of this fascinating new cuisine.

Find out more at Judy’s websites: www.judy-barber.com and www.goodrawfoodrecipes.com

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Anthony Grey

Anthony Grey, who is Norwich born, was originally a journalist in Norwich and East Anglia. He is now an international best-selling historical novelist, independent publisher, radio and television broadcaster and frequent public speaker. After working for the Eastern Daily Press, he became a foreign correspondent with Reuters news agency and covered the Cold War from East Berlin and Eastern Europe, and The Cultural Revolution in China.

After being held hostage in solitary confinement in Beijing by Mao Tse-tung’s Red Guards for over two years he was made Journalist of the Year on his return to the UK and was awarded the O.B.E for services to journalism. He was the first international hostage of the modern era.

After his release Anthony presented a current affairs programme Twenty Four Hours on BBC World Service Radio for five years and has made five television documentaries for the BBC, ITV and Channel Four He has written eight novels to date and his best known work Saigon is a worldwide best seller in nine languages and 15 countries.

His books have sold an estimated 2.5 million copies worldwide. His latest non-fiction book, The Hostage Handbook published on 11 April, contains verbatim transcripts of the secret shorthand diaries he hid from his guards in Beijing along with Reflections putting the whole experience in a lifelong context after over 40 years.

He set up The Tagman Press independent publishing imprint in Norwich in 1998 to publish books “to help us think in new ways.” (www. tagmanpress.com) Its current slogan is “Books to inspire excite and transform” He has founded an international charity Planet of Forgiveness (www.planet-forgiveness.org) to help spread understanding of the vital need for personal, national and international forgiveness if our world is ever to live in peace and well-being.