November 2012 – Dave O’Connor & Stephanie Hale

Dave O'ConnorDave O’Connor is “Going For Bold”

Most people start out in life with big dreams only to get disappointed when the goals they set don’t come to pass. They then play it safe and settle for an average life. The educational system seems to be set up in a way that supports this mindset of mediocrity – it certainly dosen’t equip us with the right operating manual for our brain. Is this way of thinking going against our true nature? In this presentation, Dave O’Connor proposes that not only is our inner creative mechanism built for achieving greatness, but that thinking small actively slows down our evolution as human beings.

For over 18 years Dave O’Connor has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life.

Dave specializes in assisting people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for individuals and organizations that want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results.

As a Mindset Expert and Success Coach to Network Marketing Companies, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, his trainings continually impact sales growth and performance with incredible results.


Stephanie Hale is a world-renowned publishing expert who can help you to package your knowledge or expertise into a book… and make six or even seven figures from it.

Stephanie is founder of The Millionaire Bootcamp for Authors…and The Millionaire Bootcamp for Women… as well author of numerous award-winning books including ‘Millionaire Women, Millionaire You’.

She’s helped rejected authors get their books noticed by top literary agents… and has masterminded campaigns that have taken books to the top of the bestseller charts in under one day.

She is former Assistant Director of the world-famous creative writing course at Oxford Unversity… and her contacts include top literary agents, publishers, film directors and Hollywood scriptwriters.

She’s going to be showing you how you can write a book in under 30 days… with the absolute certainty that it will be published internationally before you even set pen to paper…

She’ll also share 10 hot tips for ensuring that your book is a bestseller and brings you in £100,000 or even £1 million in sales.

October 2012 – Tracey Carr and Emma James

Tracey Carr – International Professional Speaker, Peak Performance Coach, Founder and CEO of Evolution Training and Coaching Ltd.

Tracey Carr is a Speaker, Coach and CEO with a passion for advancing women in the workplace. Tracey ran her first training seminar for women leaders in 2001 and has helped thousands of women around the world with their careers, dreams and aspirations.

In addition to being founder and CEO of Evolution Training and Coaching Ltd., a management and leadership development company headquartered in the U.K., Tracey has worked with hundreds of FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies who are keen to advance women in enterprise.

Tracey’s flagship project GQ™ or Gender IQ has become a critical development tool for diverse senior people from commercial banking, retail, investment banking, police, public sector, manufacturing, consulting, and many other professional industries. Her seminars have been enthusiastically received on 3 continents and she continues to push for radical change in corporations; she backs up her respected and sometimes controversial opinions with her ongoing research.

Having worked with and coached some of the most successful women leaders in the world Tracey noticed they had certain commonalities. They were able to combine life and work commitments with extraordinary success. The Authentic Leadership seminar was inspired by Tracey’s knowledge of the tools and techniques that these successful women use, and is delivered by her personally.

Tracey has a background in psychology and is an accredited Executive Coach and Professional Speaker. She is currently writing a book that will address gender, power, and politics for women in the workplace and at home.

Tracey ran her first training seminar for leaders in 2001 and has helped thousands of people around the world with their careers, dreams and aspirations. But it wasn’t always that way. After her first UPW in 2001  she used to sit at the back of the YeS Group London because she was too shy to sit near the front and she had chronic stage fright! Having recently been divorced,  and with three small children to support she knew she had to get beyond her fears!

Today Tracey has an impressive track record of having worked with and coached some of the most successful leaders in the world and her famous and inspirational key-note is Fearless leadership. Whether you lead a family, a relationship, a small team or a Blue Chip Organisation you need to know how to go beyond your fears if you truly want fulfillment. Tracey doesn’t just talk about theory from a text book she teaches from the heart and is excited to bring to YeS Group Norwich all the tools and techniques she has used to achieve extraordinary success in creating global brands and International recognition as a speaker.

This is for you if you have ever wondered how to be in authentic power all the time…even if your body is shaking with fear!

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Emma James certified Trainer of and Master Practitioner in NLP and hypnosis as well as Time Line Therapy.

Emma has had the fortune to treat many different people with many different issues they wanted to change.

She has a very strong interest in psychological trauma and eating relating disorders as well as a tried,
tested and hugely successful weightloss strategy which my book Rebel Diet was formed from, plus she has a lengthy and established sports background and in treating athletes.

Originally from Belfast she has seen many situations radically change peoples lives and thankfully has
been in the position to help them deal with those traumas and get them to move forward. People who really want to change and progress will always do it, sometimes they just need some help in how to do it.
Ok, so what has she done then? Well, this is a short list of the titles she holds and in fact still does!
  • 3 World Powerlifting Champion titles – and current World Champion
  • 13 European Champion Powerlifting titles
  • 20 British Powerlifting titles

Emma has worked with many people in the UK, Italy, Ireland, Nepal in addition to working on television and radio for the last 10 years with the last show for MTV being broadcast in August 2012.

Her company also accredits therapists and assesses them so their whole existence is completely therapy based!
Emma call herself exceptionally lucky to have worked with some of the greatest armed forces, companies and individuals in the world. She has taught and accredited many students in NLP, Hypnosis and TLT from psychiatrists to lawyers and leading busines figureheads.
She also frequently gets asked to lecture at international conferences and here are a few of the many fabulous places and people she has worked with:
Taught and accredited to:
  • Royal Air Force (pressure performance tactics & full accreditation training)
  • Nepal Olympic Committee (worked in Katmandu with the coaches and mental performance techniques)
  • HSBC – Mortgages PLC
  • Ministry of Defence – careers Unit
  • Manchester United Football Club
  • 3 British Champion boxers – including Brian Rose
  • By appointment to the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia to teach at the Womens College in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Lancaster district Womens Aid
  • Manchester City Council
  • NHS Isle of White
  • Rape Crisis
  • Portugal PNL
Lectured at:
  • ABNLP International Conference – Las Vegas
  • Tribhuvan University – Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal Sports Council – Kathmandu
  • Performance in Sport – Warsaw, Poland
  • International MasterClass for Solgar – London
  • International NLP Sport Conference – Ghent, Belgium (keynote speaker)
  • Portugal Institute of NLP – Lisbon

Performance Under Pressure

Have you ever noticed the first time you attempt something you can get a “beginners luck” effect and then when you try to repeat it, it all goes wrong? Or being in a pressured environment, the actions you know so well and come so easily suddenly become difficult and the results you get impaired or just plain fall to pieces? From traders and CEO’s to elite athletes – it is all the same.
We will look at why it happens, what makes us susceptible to pressure, what goes wrong and how to change it.
From working not only with leaders in business, trading companies and elite athletes as well as herself, Emma will walk you through examples and anecdotes of her own very public competing under pressure mishaps as well as the success stories from here to Nepal and back again.
She will also week one week out from World Championships in Las Vegas so this will be a very personal and pertinent lecture.