September 2012 – Sandy Newbigging & Phil Parker

Returning to Yes Group Norwich this September is Sandy Newbigging talking about:

Inner Teachings for Creating the Body and Life You Want

Did you know that you are a natural born miracle maker? With the Inner Teachings, Sandy C. Newbigging (as seen on Discovery Health) shows you how to make every moment matter. He shares timeless wisdom and practical exercises for being present, feeling calm, confident and content, freeing yourself form problem-based thinking, attracting what you want and living a healthier, wealthier and happier life.

The Inner Teachings can help you to create the most powerful and positive inner platform upon which to build the body and life you want. The Inner Teachings allow you to make the shift between knowing what you want and actually being the change you want to see in your life. Comments about Sandy’s book that the Teachings are based upon include:

‘A life-changing book!’ Suzy Greaves, best-selling author
‘A real template for change.’ Ursula James, best-selling author
‘Has the power to transform your life.’ David Hamilton PhD, best-selling author

Sandy C. Newbigging is the creator of the Mind Detox Method, meditation teacher and author of 5 books. His work has been seen worldwide on television and Yoga Magazine recently described him as being ‘one of the best meditation teachers around.’ Visit

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And new to Yes Group Norwich for September is:

Phil Parker is an internationally renowned lecturer, therapist and innovator in the field of personal development. His training as a hypnotherapist, executive coach, certified master practitioner of NLP and osteopath give him a unique ability to provide new solutions to meet the challenges and opportunities of life in the 21st century. Phil’s hugely successful process for change, the Lightning Process, has already transformed and enhanced the lives, health and success of thousands of people around the world. He runs a private practice in London and is principal and director at the Phil Parker Training Institute.

Listening Within – the Secrets to Influencing Your Health – An evening workshop with Phil Parker
The Lighting Process (LP) has already changed the lives and health of thousands worldwide, illnesses considered incurable now have success stories and hope has replaced impossibility. In this interactive workshop with the LP designer Phil Parker, you’ll master some of the core tools and insights of this fascinating and life-changing approach.

Three things you’ll learn:

  • The power of the mind body connection
  • How to use this powerful asset to help your health
  • Some ways to make change easy

August 2012 – Jamie Smart

What happens when you imagine being recession-proof, with real resilience, prosperity and peace of mind?

Amid speculation about a “triple-dip” recession, the economic climate is an understandable concern for many people. Every day, the papers carry stories that fuel people’s fears and anxieties. But there’s a medieval superstition in all of this that gets routinely overlooked by the news media. This widespread misunderstanding determines how we get impacted by the ups and downs of the economy; it influences the options we see, how we feel and how we respond.

Recession-proof Living with Jamie Smart: Prosperity, Resilience and Results

About Jamie Smart
Jamie Smart is a leading trainer, thinker & entrepreneur who has been teaching people how their minds work and how to lead happy, successful lives since 1999. After reaching the top of his field in the early 2000s (acknowledged by his peers as one of the world’s finest NLP trainers), Jamie announced his intention to stop teaching NLP in order to share a new paradigm, Innate Thinking.

“After working with Jamie I was able to begin taking the risks I needed to turn my dream into reality. Winning an Emmy and gaining a Masters Degree in Composition for Screen from the Royal College of Music, London, are just a few of the many achievements since then. The road is still unfolding and every day brings new challenges and adventures”.

Michael J McEvoy, Emmy Award-winning Composer & Musician

Sometimes referred to as an “Inside-out” understanding of reality, the Innate Thinking paradigm represents a complete explanatory model for human psychological functioning and holds enormous promise for the future of humanity.

One of Jamie’s favourite quotes is from the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tse: “If you want to awaken all of humanity, awaken all of yourself.” Jamie is committed to his personal transformation, and to supporting others in their own awakening. For what purpose? At the individual level, helping you experience a great mental and emotional lifestyle, including…

• Peace of Mind
• Authentic Living
• Making a Difference
• Nourishing Relationships
• Enlightened Success

“Jamie’s authenticity, insight & mastery make him a great coach. His transformational coaching has helped me establish a new guiding vision for my business and for my role in it. As a result, I’m more enjoyably focused, and my business is going from strength to strength, despite the recent economic downturn. I already rave about him to my clients, so I strongly recommend his training and coaching programs.”

Joe Stumpf, Internet Entreprenerur & CEO of By Referral Only

At the global level, Jamie’s vision is a bold one: Awakened Humanity. The first generation of Awakened Humanity is the next stage in our evolution as a species. We are now in a position to create the conditions for the first generation of awakened humanity to be born, to thrive and to flourish.

Jamie’s mission is to help create the conditions that give rise to the first generation of awakened humanity, by sharing Innate Thinking with the leaders of the future & with the world.