September 26th 2013 – Jillian Haslam & Elliot Kay

Jillian Haslam

Jillian Haslam has an extra-ordinary story to tell. A moving account of her life memoirs as one of the forgotten minorities of British people left behind in Calcutta after Indian Independence.

Author of the highly successful book; Indian English, she is now in demand as a speaker, bringing her profound story to life with audiences worldwide. From beginnings that include enduring extreme poverty, homelessness, abuse and starvation, as well as the early death of four of her siblings; Jillian overcame this seemingly hopeless situation to forge a highly successful career in banking over a period of twenty years.

The book received considerable media coverage from the BBC, Channel 5, Live with Gabby, The Times and many other media networks.

Jillian was also shortlisted for the Asian Woman of the Year Award with a special recognition from the judges for her book, her life story and her contribution to social & humanitarian causes.

With Jillian’s talk we will learn the secrets to Jillian’s amazing transformation and how they can apply the same basic principles to achieve lasting change and success – no matter what the starting point. All Jillian’s processes are included with many original ideas that can be immediately applied.

Relevant – if she can do it, anyone can!
• Motivational – highly impactful & guaranteed to have a lasting positive effect.
• Flexible – tell us your needs and she will tailor her presentation.
• Effective – successful methods & techniques audiences will take away and use immediately.
• Unique – completely original content unavailable anywhere else.

Three Key Messages
Persistence – Developing a rock-steady focus knowing how to set exciting goals.
Self-Belief – Having the courage to go forward for what you really want!
Staying Positive – Developing a positive attitude – even if circumstances seem impossible.

Elliot Kay

The Coach with the Hat is a new force in performance coaching, allowing as many people as possible to empower themselves toward better lives and greater achievement. The Coach with the Hat was created by Elliot Kay, who developed the Empowering Coaching System (ECS), is himself a Peak Performance Coach, noted speaker, and author of ‘It’s Your Right to be Wrong’.

In an earlier career, against all odds and the advice of all those around him, Elliot had achieved his dream of becoming a professional dancer – recognized on the world stage and accumulating over 1000 hours in front of audiences, life was good… While performing a routine move, Elliot sustained a career ending injury and was forced to pursue a different path with his life.

Using the same drive and determination, Elliot pushed himself through various occupations in an effort to find an alternative career with the same level of satisfaction: Already successful in the world of corporate training and development, it was not until a chance encounter with a friend that his eyes were opened to the world of coaching, and the positive impact that it could have on people’s lives. Elliot quickly realized that this was a path he would choose to follow.

In the time since that day, Elliot has worked with a multitude of professionals and athletes alike to help them unlock their potential and overcome any obstacle on their road to success. He has worked with a professional cyclist, mentally preparing and guiding him through on of Europe’s most arduous tests of endurance, as well as leading goal setting sessions with Gold Medal Winning Olympic Rowers. As well as helping individual athletes achieve their goals, Elliot also works with business people – individually or part of a team: One recent client saw an increase in customer retention of 40% after working with him.

In the past 12 months, Elliot has garnered significant attention as a result of 2 things: Placing 3rd in the ‘Britain’s Next Top Coach’ competition gave The Coach with the Hat brand national recognition. Additionally, Elliot has also published the first book under The Coach with the Hat banner: ‘It’s Your Right to be Wrong’ is a powerful, concise, snapshot of Elliot’s no holds barred philosophy and life lessons.

Professionally known as The Coach with the Hat, Elliot Kay is a Peak Performance Coach working with business owners and entrepreneurs to accelerate results through his unique and proven Empowering Coaching System.

Working across both corporate and experiential training, he has delivered training programmes for the likes of Sky Television, Talk Talk, NHS and Hewlett Packard, facilitated his very own ground breaking experiential seminar POWER TO SUCCEED and delivered advanced training for the world renowned Frontier Trainings.

Recently, Elliot has been a featured speaker at numerous events nationally, having spoken in front of thousands in the last 12 months on the subject ‘It’s Your Right To Be Wrong’, also the title of his book. Known for his passion, high energy, live interventions and ability to get results from people fast, Elliot brings a fresh approach and delivers a high-impact experience.

Elliot will be sharing his success formula which has helped turn his business round and impact 100’s of lives over the last year alone.

August 29th 2013 – Harry Singha & Brian Mayne

Harry Singha

The FLOWERS Leadership model –

In every walk of life in every corner of society Leadership is one of, if not the most sought after ‘skill’ set.
Harry’s passion is to inspire individuals and communities to become even greater leaders TODAY not tomorrow!
Irrespective of gender, age, career, social standing, all of us possess the ability to get into our Leadership FLOW immediately
The FLOWERS model is a guide to measure and improve a set of Leadership qualities.

Harry Singha is an internationally acclaimed speaker, author, coach, mentor and philanthropist.

As a speaker Harry has shared the stage with some of the most distinguished leaders of their respective fields including Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Brian Tracey, Dr Deepak Chopra, Joseph McClendon III, Dr John DeMartini and Anthony Robbins.

Harry began his professional career as a teenager and now two decades later is internationally recognised as a master in the field of Leadership and Emotional Mastery. Harry has committed to Lighting Up The Lives of individuals and communities through his Light Up Your Life Seminars, where he shares the tools and systems to take our most traumatic events and use them in our own lives and to serve others too!

Harry is the Founder and Chairman of the Youth Coaching Academy Global, the world’s foremost coaching training company for the Youth Sector. Over the last two decades Harry has trained young people and adults from more than 40 countries and has been responsible for developing coaching services within the most ‘hard to reach’ communities around the world, most of which, were contributed as gifts.

Harry is widely recognised as a leader in the field of Youth Leadership and is actively involved with creating and facilitating at many of the world’s most prestigious Youth Leadership Programmes including, Anthony Robbins Foundation Global Youth Leadership Summit, Myanmar Kids Camps and the Knowledge To Action Foundation’s UK Youth Leadership Summit.

Harry grew up in the East End of London in the UK and continues to contribute back to his local community as well as communities around the world, with his wife Katie and their two children Harrison and Rosie.

Brian Mayne

His core message of personal leadership through the practice of self response-ability and purpose led motivation have proven as effective and popular with the corporate world as it has with educationalists and the crowds who come to experience his public presentations.

The Winds of Change, learning to greet change as an opportunity for success
The Benefits of Positive Thinking, the power to find answers to problems
The DAC Factor, understanding the importance of Drive, Attitude and Confidence
Holding A Positive Focus, conditioning your subconscious to achieve your goals
Overview of The 7 Steps of the Goal-Mapping Technique, envisioning and mapping your future

Brian has travelled a path that has led from gypsy origins to the amusements industry and through to corporate training, education and the world of personal development.

His core message of personal leadership through the practice of selfresponse-ability and purpose led motivation have proven as effective and popular with the corporate world as it has with educationalists and the crowds who come to experience his public presentations.

As chairman of Lift International Brian is now actively involved in the process of developing and delivering the very finest empowerment material available. His seminars and workshops, like his acclaimed books Sam the Magic Genie and Goal Mapping are both clear in their message and practical in their application. Directed by a principle-centred philosophy, and clothed in the language of success psychology, Brian empowers his audiences with the very latest ‘human development’ technologies.

Amongst his many systems for success, Goal Mapping and Life Mappinghave enabled him to help people create and steer change within their lives, winning him the gratitude of his audiences, and a place on the world stage of public speaking.

“One of mankind’s greatest fears is that of uncertain change. In reality, the only future thing, of which we can be absolutely certain, is that there will be continuing change to our lives. Learning how to steer the changes of life, towards the things that you desire, is my definition of success – teaching people how to do it, has become my passion and my life’s mission,” says Brian.