Yes Group Norwich with Ryan Pinnick – Thursday 31st August 2017

Yes Group Norwich with Ryan Pinnick – Thursday 31st August 2017

3 Steps to Unleashing your Super Genius

A Genius is someone who is successful in their purpose, has loving relationships and fulfilled in their lives. Everything in your life…Relationships, Work, Well-Being is a direct reflection of your consciousness. You are either living Powerlessly because your Unconscious Mind is in Control or…. You are Empowered in your Superconscious Mind so that you can Create what you Truly want in Life.

Your unconscious mind is where your ego exists which is designed to keep you safe, secure and survive. Your ego is made up of your limiting beliefs, assumptions and definitions, which you have accumulated from the past. And this is where your thoughts and feelings come from. The problem is that you have been educated to use your thoughts and feelings to make decisions, which determine the actions you take and the life you create. Your thoughts and feelings are a reflection of your past and so if you continue to rely on them to make decisions, you will simply be recreating your past. Hence, your ego is sabotaging you from what you want, limiting your full potential and creating a compromised life. At this talk you will learn how to stop your ego from sabotaging your Genius and Mastery.

Your superconscious mind is where your Genius exists which, includes your innate abilities like intuition, imagination and true purpose. Your Superconscious mind is where your unique Genius exists. Your unique Genius may be in music, business, humanitarianism, parenting, sports or writing. The bottom line is that you have been put on this earth with a very specific purpose. But the problem is that you have not been taught how to unleash and master your unique Genius. We are also lead to believe that our thoughts and feelings are our intuition. This is not true. Your intuition is only accessed through your Superconscious mind. When you unleash and master your unique Genius you will literally be able to create a life beyond your wildest dreams. At this talk you will learn the 3 steps to unleashing and mastering your unique Genius so that you can be 100% clear about what you truly want and know precisely what actions to take to create an abundant life.



Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with finding what my purpose is, wondering why we are here in this earth and how can I create the best life I can possibly live. I was incredibly stressed during my last year of school because I had no idea of what I wanted to do when I left school. And so I went to the local university and completed an aptitude test to determine the direction I was going to take in my life. As a result of that test I decided to study electrical engineering. Some years later I was working in London and even though I was successful in my career I became very frustrated and depressed. So much so that I had developed an alcohol and drug addiction. My desperation lead to me to finding personal development seminars. And whilst personal development didn’t help me with my addiction, a whole new world opened up to me. I attended as many personal development and wealth creation seminars as I could find whilst recovering from my addiction. I quit my job and tried all sorts of ways to make money including investing in property, network marketing, internet marketing and trading stock markets. After a few years I was again frustrated and depressed because despite having attended all these seminars, I was still unhappy, unfulfilled and on a massive rollercoaster of success and failure. I accumulated over £80,000 of debt and I felt like I was in a bigger hole than when I was working in the corporate world. I was then introduced to Superconsciousness. I was incredibly skeptical believing that I had ‘heard all this before’ and like all the other seminars I had attended, I expected more hype and empty promises. However, there was something different, I had finally found what I had been searching for all my life. My businesses and investments flourished as a result of applying what I had learnt. My relationships improved dramatically (even with my homeless alcoholic father). Literally every area of my life improved as soon as I started living a Superconscious life. Over the last 8 years I have been practising and mastering Superconsciousness. I now teach people how to Unleash their Genius using Superconsciousness. Over the last 3 years I have created an audience around the world and taught over 18,000 people at various workshops in London.

Event details
Venue – The Forum, Norwich
Timings – 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Cost – £5 per person

Yes Group Norwich with John-Paul Byrne & Andy Fisher – Thursday 27th July 2017

Yes Group Norwich with John-Paul Byrne & Andy Fisher – Thursday 27th July 2017

On Thursday 27th July we are pleased to welcome two fantastic speakers to the Yes Group Norwich!

John-Paul Byrne

‘How To Start Again Every Time: The Secrets To Personal Re-Invention’

What does it take to pick yourself up and start again even when circumstances seem impossible? John-Paul Byrne, entrepreneur, coach, author, speaker and father of two takes us on a journey of discovery in this one hour talk, sharing with you his secrets to Personal Re-Invention: In fact the exact same secrets that have enabled him to go from spending time on the streets in a foreign country as a teenager, to coming first at school and applying to Cambridge to do law. These very same secrets enabled him become an entrepreneur at 21 and go on to run his own software company. His strategies for starting again saw him recover from near bankruptcy and losing everything to working for some of the biggest companies in the world. His personal re-invention tactics enabled him to re-invent himself from software geek to NLP Life Coach Practitioner and hypnotherapist. His is uniquely placed to relate to many of our life experiences including battling depression, surviving divorce with toddlers and going on to build a successful speaking and events business “Digital Coaching Revolution” that helps people create online coaching programs and courses.

You can find out more information about John-Paul on his website –

Andy Fisher

‘No Mask or Cape Required – Becoming an Everyday Hero’

Andy Fisher is an author and a wilderness survival & combative instructor. He is also the creator of ‘The Hero Forge’, a programme dedicated to equipping ordinary people with the tools, skills and attributes needed to achieve the extraordinary while making a positive difference in the world.

Find out more about Andy on his website –

Event date – Thursday 27th July 2017
Event venue – Forum, Norwich
Timings – 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Cost – £5 per person