Yes Group Norwich – Thursday 23rd February 2012

On 23rd February, Simon Coulson & Claire Brummell spoke at Yes Group Norwich.

Simon Coulson has made his fortune in range of different internet business models including information products, membership sites, online retail, online training and online transaction services.

Simon has also become an established public speaker on Internet Marketing and has spoken around the world to audiences of up to 7,000 including at Londons o2 arena. After mentoring some friends to start their own successful internet businesses, the first of which has now generated £2 million itself, Simon decided to roll out a coaching program to a wider audience and launched the Internet Business School in 2007. This organization has trained over 1,000 entrepreneurs and created many successful online businesses

Simon will share his personal story and you will be able to learn:
-How to start a business in your spare room and generate 8.5M online
-REAL examples how ANYONE can make money online
-How you can grow your existing business 10 fold using the internet

Claire Brummell’s talk is titled “Feeling fulfilled and fabulous by being feminine first”

Having lived for 20 years of her life behind a masculine mask herself, Claire Brummell now has a passion for helping women understand that by connecting with their feminine core they can feel more fulfilled and fabulous every single day.  Claire works with women all over the world to help them recognise the power in embracing their femininity while still being true to themselves.  Claire’s engaging content helps women to release the struggle for control and perfection that so many experience.  She helps women to feel more relaxed, confident and fulfilled by rediscovering and reconnecting with what is really important to them.  Claire gives women the tools to live the lifestyle they truly desire.

“Claire is an engaging, inspiring and entertaining speaker whose smile and sparkling personality creates an instant and genuine connection with her audiences. Her excellent content, whole-hearted approach and complete authenticity is both refreshing and powerful”

“Claire is a positive, loving woman who is passionate about making a difference and changing lives”

“Claire Brummell is a talented, entertaining and compelling speaker. She embodies femininity and is a true example of walking the talk (in high heels obviously!)”

“Claire is a true feminine role model who personifies the power of re-connecting with your femininity.  She is passionate about helping others and her talks are genuinely touching and transformative – she has a very real and lasting impact on everyone who meets her”