An Introduction into a World of Possibility

Understand the awakening process and discover your life’s purpose
Learn how to work with energy
Learn accelerated behavior change tools
Take your career and life up a level
Learn how to let go of inner conflicts and step into your highest potential
Effortless manifest your goals and dreams into reality


Limitless is a program that merges ancient wisdom with modern science, and explores eastern philosophy through a western lens, and packages it a usable way so that you may apply the principles and use the tools for the immediate benefit of your own life, and the lives of others
whom you choose to influence.

It’s cutting edge exploration of the inner workings of the human mind, human body, and human energy field that take you on a deep exploration of your untapped human potential. Using ancient and modern clearing and healing techniques you will learn to identify patterns, shift deep rooted subconscious energy blocks and rewire your brain for success.

It is both a technical program in that it gives participants tools for personal growth, but also tactical in that it focuses you on your unique gifts and talents to step up into your highest vision of yourself to serve in a world that needs you. 

Steve Jack – Limitless

Steve Jack is a leading mind, body and energy coach, with a background in Physical Education, Psychology and Energy Healing he is considered an expert in health, well-being and performance. For over 16 years he has been working with clients helping them to achieve breakthrough goals in health, well-being, weight loss, sports performance. He works with individuals as well as health clubs, spa’s, and hotels helping them to design innovative well being programs.

He is a regular on the Professionals Conference circuit having presented in over 20 countries around the world. His mind-body-energy lectures are currently changing the way Personal Trainers and Health Professionals think about human potential.

He writes regularly for a number of international print and online publications and is the featured presenter on an online video well-being and fitness websites. An accomplished speaker and facilitator Steve has the rare ability to move people in his workshops, and inspires action for those who are ready for change.

He is the founder of Team Dynamix a Fee based Group Training solution provider for health clubs around the world.

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Steve says “I have always been fascinated by our amazing bodies and what the limits are of what we can achieve. Throughout the years I explored, asked questions which took me deeper and deeper into firstly the physical, then mental, emotional and finally spiritual realms to try and get deeper understanding of how the mind-body-energy triad creates health or disease, success or failure. As I explored this and found teachers to learn from I began noticing shifts not only in my own abilities both as a coach and therapist, but in my ability to communicate complex ideas and move people to forward. It seemed as if when I spoke the words were coming from elsewhere. I also noticed that opportunities began opening up for me as I began stepping more authentically into my personal power. This came as a direct result of aligning my intentions and removing subconscious limiting beliefs. I learned valuable tools to be able to cope with situations as they arose and began gaining an understanding of how my energy affects others and theirs affected me. As i grew and developed myself I was able to attract into my experience through harmonic induction the events, people, and situations that were needed for my next stage of my personal journey. I began realizing that with seeming less efforts more things were coming into my life that were for my higher good.”

“Steve Jack has a very unique gift. He has the ability to recognize, interpret and appreciate health and vitality as very few do … which is why Steve is a leader in our field. Any time spent with Steve Jack is tremendously beneficial, and I highly recommend it.
– Michol Dalcourt (Editor, Author, Lecturer – PTontheNET)

Steve Jack is a visionary in the field of the mind-body paradigm. He is incredibly in touch with understanding how to align a person’s energy field to create greater inner and outer balance. Anyone can benefit working with Steve, he is focused and highly motivated and his integrity shines as he is clearly living and sharing his passion. I am grateful to have been touched by the light that so brightly shines from his heart.”
– Laura Warf
Certified Fitness, Yoga & Mind-Body Specialist
Life Balance Coach, Inspirational speaker