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Yes Group Norwich with Rene Deceuninck – Thursday 23rd May 2019

Yes Group Norwich with Rene Deceuninck – Thursday 23rd May 2019

René Deceuninck, Master in Body Language, motivational speaker, coach and trainer, runs an exclusive international company IPB Ltd, “The Institute for Personal Development and Body Language”.

Since 1995, René has been delivering enriching insights and results-oriented outcomes to his clients. His seminars, keynotes and trainings around the world are changing businesses with amazing levels of positive increase.

He shared stages with Brian Tracy, Jairek Robbins and many other influential speakers. In collaboration with Success Resources, René is hosting preview sessions for Anthony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within, a 4 day transformational and breakthrough event including the famous Fire walk!

His clients are empowered with their new skills to read thoughts before one word is spoken, in meetings, in sales, and in everyday situations. As a result of this competitive edge, they optimise their performance, both personally & professionally as Full Body Language Experts.

What you will get from this talk

#1 See what’s never being said, in meetings, sales…
#2 Raise your self-confidence
#3 Understand clearly what is meant by what people say
#4 Discover a lie vs. the truth
#5 Learn which eye to use during a conversation
#6 Identify the energies and frequencies in result-oriented communication
#7 Pull people towards you instead of pushing them away
#8 Increase your results with 80%

This is truly an amazing opportunity to become an outstanding communicator and leader for those around you !!!

Event date: Thursday May 23rd 2019
Registration: 18:30-19:00
Event time: 19:00-21:30
Venue:The Forum, Norwich
Cost: £10 per person

Yes Group Norwich with Dilara Tetik – Thursday 27th June 2019

Yes Group Norwich with Dilara Tetik – Thursday 27th June 2019

The Silent Epidemic of Loneliness and why fighting against it is not the solution

After working for over a decade in Financial Services in London, Dilara Tetik now runs her own Relationship and Conscious Dating business with the purpose to empower, inspire and transform lives.

Her style of coaching is Deep Transformational Coaching and her key areas of focus are Relationships, Conscious Dating, Masculine & Feminine Energy, Vulnerability & Intimacy , Self Awareness, Communication Skills Self Love and Ego.

Dilara holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics, studied with Animas Centre of Coaching as a Life coach and studied Emotional Intelligence, Relationship Psychology, Mindfulness, Couples and Family Therapy.

Her mission is to help people to live more conscious,loving and fulfilling lives.

Event date: Thursday 27th June
Registration: 6:30 pm-7:00 pm
Time: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Venue: The Forum, Norwich
Cost: £10 per person