Yes Group Norwich – Thursday 26th January 2012

On 26th January, Topher Morrison and Alex Santoro Emmerson opened up the 2012 programme for Yes Group Norwich.

Topher Morrison was a surprise visitor to the YES group in January so we don’t have any details of his talk.  Just ask the attendees though – it was great fun and we learnt alot about apologising…

Alex Santoro – Emmerson is a relationship expert, divorce preventionist and marriage educator. She is passionate about helping people to move past limiting beliefs and negative patterns into joyous and fulfilling relationships. She lives in Norwich, UK, with the love of her life Matt, and her 3 boys. Her days are split between being a wife, a mum, an international speaker and a sought-after coach.

During Alex’s talk: “The 6 Steps to Love and Passion”, you will learn the number one reason why relationships fail. You will also learn what you really need to be happy in a relationship and what your partner really needs from you. With these tools in hand, you will have the chance to fall in love all over again, and stay that way!