Nial Adams – Entrepreneur

“Nial Adams, Speaker, Writer and Mentor, has been described as a ‘Success Designer’. Nial, ranked 4th Dan Master in Hapkido formerly operated in the field of Specialist Security and traveled the world teaching and training. For the past 15 years he has become acclaimed as a Marketer and Business Growth Specialist. Today runs The PUSH Business Academy and works with aspiring business owners and wealth creators.

“This guy really knows what he’s talking about and shares everything, do whatever it takes to get this guy” – Hakan Volkan

For the YES Group in January he will be sharing his insights on what it really means to be an entrepreneur, how to create a dynamic business lifestyle whilst still achieving balance, impact and contentment. Just Google – Nial Adams”

“This guy really knows what he’s talking about and shares everything, do whatever it takes to get this guy” – Hakan Volkan

Nick Scott White – Don’t Put Diesel In Your Ferrari

Nick Scott White wrote “Don’t Put Diesel In Your Ferrari” after investing £10,000’s and more than 5 years of his life trying to learn and understand the “X Factor” behind the successful and the fulfilled. At the end of his life changing journey he asked himself this question…

“If I was starting out again today what would book or course would I want to find first?”

He decided he would want everything he knew but in the most precise and concise format possible…a fast-track. Why? Because anyone who has decided they want to make improvements in their lives want them to happen fast!

So he set himself the task of doing just that and succeeded!

Nick Scott White is proud to have “Ferrari” both supporting and supported by The Princes’ Trust and Prime (The Prince’s Initiative for the over 50’s)…Nick donates 10% of every sale to them.

Nick Scott White uniquely uncovers the “Why How” behind today’s top achievers with his superb new book and soon to released, 2 day Workshop… “Don’t Put Diesel In Your Ferrari”.

What are the differences between a top achiever and “the rest” of society? Nick Scott White
asked himself this exact question a number of years ago and found this undisputable fact…

“If You Just Try Copying What Today’s Top Achievers Do,
Without Understanding And Using Their Thinking and Mindset,
It’s Extremely Unlikely You’ll Become One Of Them.”

Individuals who achieve a life of financial freedom and true personal fulfilment are fuelled by a
mindset and belief system that is totally different to the majority.

The knowledge and systems in “Don’t Put Diesel In Your Ferrari”, clearly explain the striking
discoveries in recent years of how our minds work and links it to the success strategies of
today’s Top 1% of real life Achievers…and YOU can join them.

Nick will be sharing a taste of his inspirational story about his journey to acquiring this “Top 1%”
knowledge and most importantly revealing key elements that took him from a business that
nobody would give him a single penny for, to in less than 24 months walking out of a London
office with over a Million pounds.