Janet Jones

No 1. – The power of images in creating the perfect future.

No 2. – Understand the ‘power’ of perception being reality.

No 3. – 5 four letter words you should NEVER use.

Janet Jones, leading UK Napoleon Hill Instructor, Photographer, Author and Mentor at HappinessMillionaire.com. Janet now devotes her time to inspiring others through her images, seminars and online work. Back in August 2010 Janet was commissioned by the Napoleon Hill World
Learning Centre, in America, to create images of the ‘13 principles to Success’ that Napoleon Hill wrote about in his timeless classic, ‘Think and Grow Rich’. They were to illustrate the book ‘The Path to Riches’, which Janet is also a contributing author.

In addition we have Skip – The Naked Health Detective

Skip, the Naked Health Detective leads the field in dynamism, impact, and sheer entertainment value. His knowledge and understanding of how natural health, or the lack of it, impacts on all our lives, is unrivalled. The story of his personal journey is inspirational.

In every one of his captivating presentations, Skip draws on his personal experiences and insights to share those essential elements that resonate with his audiences. Over the years, Skip has brought life-changing inspiration to people all over the world.

One of the great communicators, Skip combines his skills as a gifted personal coach with enormous enthusiasm, insight, and energy to bring electric power to his presentations. In the years that he has been a speaker and a coach, he has delivered powerful messages positively influencing the lives and health of thousands of people all over the world, from mixed-interest groups to professional business people to top achievers in sport, business and entertainment.