Richard Wilkins will be hosting the…

“Richard Wilkins Experience

3 things you will get from the ‘Richard Wilkins Experience’

No 1. A better relationship with yourself – as nothing exceeds the relationship with ourselves

No 2. The answer to why you keep not doing what would make your like infinitely easier & happier

No 3. How to convert the crap in your life to a highly valuable commodity

‘Our greatest confusion isn’t that we don’t know what to do – its knowing preciously what to do but still not doing it’

Intellectually we know we should be happier, more positive etc – but what if we’re searching in the wrong place!!! You tell me – how long would it take you to find what you were looking for if you were looking in the wrong place?

I will show you how easy it is to get what you want when you start looking in the right place!

“I have been working highly successfully in the field of human consciousness for over 22 years. I will show you how to see the world differently with staggeringly fantastic results”

…It’s up to you now.

Richard Wilkins is the UK’s Minister for Inspiration
and is the founder of ‘The School for Super-Heroes’

Richard has an amazing and inspiring rags to riches to rags to richer story, which is a fantastic example of change and transformation. He left school at 15 with zero qualifications. By 37 he was a self-made millionaire living in a 35-room mansion, set in 70 acres of parkland, driving not one, but a fleet of Ferraris! A traumatic divorce was soon followed by the worst recession in history, which wiped out his property company and wiped out Richard. Alone, terrified and broke Richard hit rock bottom.

Ready to retire at 40, Richard had now lost his family, his home, his business and worst of all he lost his self worth. In his own words, “rock bottom is when the light at the end of the tunnel goes out”. Literally Richard planned his own suicide. It was at that time that Richard overheard a conversation that would change his life. He overheard someone say, “Old Fred, he’ll get there one day” Richard had enjoyed a lottery winner’s lifestyle but had never once thought that he was ‘there’. Richard went in search of ‘there’ and found it! He discovered that the only reason we ever do anything is to feel good, not think good, that we are emotionally not intellectually driven. Richard realised that he had been looking in the wrong filing cabinet, he had been looking in the filing cabinet marked ‘external’ when what he really wanted was ‘internal’, the feeling.

Richard realised that feelings don’t come from things, that we already own the feelings we want, that we already own the end result! Richard developed the unique ability to transcend reason and access the feelings we all long for. The effect was huge, dramatic, permanent and life-changing. Soon everyone wanted to know how Richard had achieved the huge transformation in the face of such adversity. The result… his world changed from Black & White to Colour. Today Richard is the international author of five best selling self-help books and Inspiring CD programmes. He has reached literally millions of people through his many TV appearances and magazine articles and he is the founder of ‘The School for Super-Heroes’

Richard’s company is called ‘The Ministry of Inspiration Ltd’ and he is the self-elected ‘Minister for Inspiration’. Richard now speaks for many top organisations achieving amazing results. Some of these companies include…

BT – The Home Office – Novo Pharmaceuticals (Denmark) – Carlton TV – Standard Life Insurance (Scotland) – The coaching Academy – Paragon Plc (France) – Blue Arrow Recruitment – Young Enterprise – Institute of Directors – Nokia (Denmark) – British American Business Council (USA) – AXA Health – Gleeds – Forever Living Products (UK –Sweden-Denmark-Holland-Ireland) –Action International – BBC – B&Q – Kleeneze – Thales Aerospace (UK Division). Island One Resorts– (USA)