Gavin Drake

Gavin is a mental performance specialist, founder of Inspire International and creator of the MindSpan thinking principles; he is also a co-director of ThinkPRO.

For fifteen years he has been delivering training, coaching and facilitation to a wide client base that covers organisations and individuals in the private sector, public sector, third sector and sport both in the UK and in Europe.

Clients that have hugely benefitted from exposure to the MindSpan principles come from diverse backgrounds, examples being students, inmates of prisons, the unemployed, sales people, leaders, nurses, police and professional footballers to name just a few.

The field of mental performance and its impact on our lives has long been his passion and he describes himself as constant ‘work in progress!’

TIME…Your Most Precious Resource!

In his talk Gavin will share with you…

  • What time is and why it is precious
  • Why your attitude to time is crucial if you want a fulfilling life
  • The impact of your ‘thinking cycle’ on your daily experience
  • The 9 thinking principles that allow you to spend your precious resource wisely

Who is this for?

You will find this talk thought provoking and beneficial if you want to get the most from your life by getting the most from yourself!

Karl Pearsall

Karl believes:

  • Great leaders are willing to be coached and willing to follow.
  • Leaders ask great questions of themselves and others.
  • There is always another level, and there is an abundance of opportunities we can learn from.
  • Consistently taking ‘our’ next step leads to amazing things.

Karl will share how leadership has become his chosen path of growth and contribution. Starting with the lessons and challenges he had creating a million plus pound business in his 20’s that became a catalyst providing Karl lessons to transform his life mental and emotional life. Karl will share 2 simple ideas you can take away that will have an immediate and lifelong impact on yours if you choose the challenge instead of the easy. Which will it be?

Karl is the founder and champion of ‘Yes Group worldwide’ which is purely a volunteer organisation with a vision of ‘a world where everyone has access to a peer group that inspires them to grow and contribute’. Today the Yes Group has chapters in many countries and is growing each month currently with about a dozen groups in the UK. The goal is to create 1000 groups around the world by 2020.

“Everyone has the need to contribute. It is one of the six human needs. If you give from your heart, it will come back to you tenfold.”
Anthony Robbins

Practical Leadership by Karl Pearsall

In my ‘Practical Leadership’ presentation my goal is to inspire you to take the challenge of your leadership as your ultimate path to growth.
This isn’t telling you about what I’ve learned about leaders. This presentation won’t be telling you how to lead like me. I am asking you to take leadership in your own way, and use it as a tool for your own personal development.

Having the identity of a leader will transform your life. Within this presentation my wish for you is that you further own the leader within you for a richer life of more meaning. Your ultimate success, growth and your ability to contribute depends on your ability to lead in every moment. Afterwards, you will be inspired to take the next step again and again, applying a couple of simple ideas. It will be for some a catalyst to grasp the abundance of opportunities in life and thus receive more of what you deserve. I will share my personal experience, of huge success in the 90’s and lessons from leading The Yes Group onwards to ‘a vision of a world where everyone has access to a peer group that inspires them to grow and contribute’.

Core concepts:
• Be Willing
• Power of Identity
• Leadership as a daily practice and your ultimate path of growth.

Leadership to me is … – being prepared to do all the things yourself that I expect/demand of others – pushing forward to your goal in the face of obstacles and challenges – believing that everyone in your team has unique and special talents and are always capable of more.
Leadership is about many things; maturity, emotional stability, state management, flexibility, utilisation, consistency, certainty, passion, compassion, vision, a love of life & of people, courage, accept graciously errors & failure with resolve, rejection with steadfastness, commitment, courage, to be able to ask for help and willing to follow.