Stephen Conway

 Do you have a message that you wish to share with the world? Do you have expert knowledge or a subject that you are passionate about, but are not sure how to turn your idea into an exciting profitable business?

If so – Stephen Conway can show you how.

Stephen is the creator of the best selling and highest rated Career DVDs on Amazon.

Stephen will share his story and teach you:

  • How to create several quality products from one idea
  • How to get partners rushing to promote you
  • Why it is vital to turn your idea into a selling machine right now 

John P Morgan’s talk is titled “How to Succeed Through Connection & Contribution

He will be sharing with you, his philosophical insights and practical strategies for how to attract success through human connection and contribution.

Through story and specific instruction John will enlighten you with a truly unique perspective on achieving success and fulfilment. He will show you how to attract the right people into your life, how to sell yourself without even trying, how to overcome your fears without pain or belief change and how to take control of your life by letting go.