Julian Freeman

Success is a Feeling

Julian will host an interactive session that will introduce you to a new understanding of confidence, resilience and a how to navigate through life much more easily, more naturally and a with a lightness that is a breath of fresh air.

None of what you will learn requires you to do anything, get anything or be anything that you aren’t. The truth… the fundamental truth is… you have everything you need inside you… right here… right now!

Julian will share some tips to let the clouds part so you see the sunshine that is always there:

– Listen
– Be patient
– Know
– Trust
– Absolute certainty
– Step into your beautiful future
– Enjoy your new adventure

Anyone who feels the complexity and pressures of modern day life would benefit from coming.

Todd Acamesis

A Day Pass to the Afterlife

Learn how expanded states of awareness, such as the out-of-body state, can help awaken your mind to personal and universal truths that will help you transform your beliefs into knowns!

If you’ve ever had a fear about death, or feel fear has stopped you from living a happy and fulfilling life, this talk will inspire you to go beyond the limited fearful self, to that of your fearless true self.
On this night, Todd is going to help you remember who and what you really are… together we will journey deep again, to a realm of being beyond your conditioned and programmed fearful beliefs.
Have the courage to trust your inner guidance and be inspired and motivated to attend this talk…

Join us on this transformational journey of discovery – and awaken your mind to personal and universal truths that will help you grow, develop, mature and evolve to your highest consciousness.

Part of creating balance in our lives is to both contribute and receive, so if you have never been to the Norwich Yes Group, as our contribution to you, your first visit is FREE.

Otherwise, it is £10 per visit or £40 Membership for the Year