Darren Eden talked about …

“The Path to Mastery”
Have you ever wondered why some people are phenomenally successful and create everything they love while others cant get a break no matter how hard they try?

The Path to Mastery is for people who want to be more powerful and masterful and who want to bring their inherent Greatness to life. Each participant will learn:

The path that every person who has achieved mastery has taken to live their Greatness.
How to take the power out of the unconscious beliefs that limit and inhibit your mastery.
How to engage and wield your intuitive wisdom to effortlessly and directly create powerful end results in your professional and personal life.
Inspired by people like JFK, Ghandi and Walt Disney, our speaker for March has always wanted to live an extraordinary life. His teens and twenties were spent passionately studying economics, business, politics and technology. His fascination with spirituality led him to immerse himself in every personal and spiritual development program that was available.

By his early thirties he had created a very successful career as a change management consultant in the IT industry and experienced an incredible array of spiritual disciplines, however the extraordinary life still eluded him.

It wasn’t until he learnt how to access and master his innate intuitive ability that he experienced fundamental change in his life. Previously he looked for answers outside himself. He stopped searching and started finding.

His intuition revealed what he loves more than anything else is magic – creating magic in his own life and helping others create magic in theirs. Magic holds all the wonder, mystery and awe of life. Imagine that not only could you know what you love, but you could also go about creating it magically?

Using intuition and magic he let go of his career in change management and went about creating a phenomenal self-transformation modality which has literally transformed thousands of people’s lives. Instead of just helping people cope with the change of a new software implementation within their business, he helps them re-create their entire lives by helping them make their dreams come true.

Darren is living his true purpose, is married to his soul mate, with a beautiful and vivacious son, living in a magnificent 350 acre estate bordering a luscious forest and massive lakes. He firmly believes it’s everyone destiny to live a magical life and create what they love.

Darren spent 10 years developing a unique spiritual and personally development modality built on the premises that enable people to transform into their Greatness by mastering their innate intuitive and creative ability. Darren has led thousands of people around the world on their own unique Hero’s Journey to transform into their Greatness through his 8 month Training entitled; The Transformation.

Here are a few comments from fans of his work:

I’ve done a number of exceptional workshops and seminars before but this is the one where I discovered a deeper level of what I love. I truly thought I knew what I’d love to do, what legacy I’d love to leave behind and yet now I see how they satisfied my need for significance and survival. There is a level deeper than this, where our ‘greatness’ can be heard and within this I found loves that I would never have thought were anything more than wishful thinking and even though I’m quite well known for jumping in at the deep end, I would never have had the courage to follow the path I’m following now.

Elliot Kay spoke about …

“It’s Your Right To Be Wrong

Elliot Kay – Peak Perfomance Coach – developer of Empowering Coaching System
In an earlier career, against all odds and the advice of all those around him, Elliot had achieved his dream of becoming a professional dancer – recognized on the world stage and accumulating over 1000 hours in front of audiences, life was good… until it all came to an abrupt end while performing a routine move, as Elliot sustained a career ending injury and was forced to pursue a different path with his life.

The Coach with the Hat was created by Elliot Kay, who developed the Empowering Coaching System (ECS) and is himself a Peak Performance Coach, noted speaker, and author of ‘It’s Your Right to be Wrong’. His Empowering Coaching System provides an entertaining, practical and adaptable approach to coaching and mentoring, which will be disseminated through a global media presence.

Elliot has worked with a multitude of professionals and athletes alike to help them unlock their potential and overcome any obstacle on their road to success. He has worked with a professional cyclist, mentally preparing and guiding him through one of Europe’s most arduous tests of endurance, as well as leading goal setting sessions with Gold Medal Winning Olympic Rowers. As well as helping individual athletes achieve their goals, Elliot also works with business people – individually or part of a team: One recent client saw an increase in customer retention of 40% after working with him.

Elliot Kay aka “The Coach in the Hat” will delve into the thing that most people fear – getting it wrong and the pain that goes with it. It is one of the biggest fears that stops people from taking action.

Elliot, a former peak performer himself, now a peak performance coach knows only too well the pressure that comes with fear. ‘Its Your Right To Be Wrong’ is the title of his first book and his one day seminar.

The Coach with the Hat believes that making mistakes is part of the process and an amazing opportunity to learn a lesson, the trick is to know how to learn from your mistakes without beating yourself up or making judgments, if you are to move ahead and achieve the end results you desire.

Elliot will give you:

Simple, effective lessons
Silence your doubts, focus on your goals, and get the results you want
A further understanding of the layers that create the fear using Elliot’s unique pain matrix
Elliots unique combination of distinctions to move you out of the matrix