Marina Pearson

Marina is a heartbreak expert and author of Goodbye Mr Ex and Its Your Right To Be Wrong in Relationships. She has been featured in Marie Claire, Best, Now, Prima, The Guardian and the Daily Mail to just name a few, she is also a prolific blogger for the Huffington Post and usually supports women to overcome heartbreak. Marina Pearson is known for using her unique S.H.I.F.T principle to overcome any relationship challenge to leave her clients feeling that they are the best thing since sliced bread!

Steve Consalvez

Steve Consalvez is successful Businessman, Psychologist, Leadership Coach, Business Consultant and charity fundraiser.

Steve has been involved with running empowerment and confidence seminars since 1991 and helped to bring Tony Robbins to the UK in 1993. He became his number 1 closer in Europe, and Steve has worked with or trained with the biggest names on the planet in personal development during a history of over 25 years involvement in the personal development industry.

He believes in the innate personal power in everyone, to improve, change and turnaround their lives, and has been called by his clients, “The Catalyst Man”.

Everyone has to have a teacher. Tony Robbins learned how to empower himself and how to empower others from The Firewalking Institute’s “Empowerment Intensive” course. Steve has been certified by The Institute to the level of Master Trainer, by The Institute, and Tolly Burkan, Tony’s teacher, and Steve has brought this course to the UK, so that people who want to know just how Tony does it, can.

Since first appearing in the national press and on ITV’s News at 10 in 1994, Steve regularly speaks to the media on business and psychological issues, and especially about turning around failing small businesses and helping small businesses to succeed.

He retired at age 42 from the Corporate world, and then committed the rest of his life to passing on his skills, knowledge and experience to others, building his own Conference Centre on his eight acre Cambridgeshire Estate to enable him to do that. Steve runs the only UK Confidence School, teaching people of all ages and cultures to embrace their inner confidence for personal benefit. He is trained as the UK’s only Firewalking Instructor Master Trainer, and heads up the course in the UK that trained Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker and Andy Harrington. He teaches the popular “Fear Into Action” Firewalking seminar, and regularly appears on TV, and radio and in the press. His company Success Formulae, “empower people and businesses to change for the better”.