Jane Summers with W photographWould you like to know more about telepathic animal communication?

Meet Jane Summers Animal Communicator

The field of telepathic Animal Communication (AC) – is practised worldwide by numerous animal lovers and professional animal communicators.

How can you enhance telepathic ability? Is AC easily learnt? Can telepathy be ethically & effectively practised with people too?

Of potential benefit to both animal lovers and those assisting people without a voice, this talk is an introduction to how telepathic communication may assist with both.


Mike Berry

Mike Berry

Are you making money online or have you ever been thinking of doing so?

Come and learn from Mike Berry who is travelling around the world while generating 100% of his income via the web.

Known for his incredible energy, smiles and boundless zest for life, Mike has inspired people around the world.

If you are interested in Finances, Millionaire mindset and Personal Development you will benefit from Mike’s talk and the opportunity to speak to him.