Join us on Thursday 27th November for the final Yes Group of 2014.  This month we bring you something special with Charisma Coach Nikki Owen.  Learn to be your authentic, confident, charismatic self.

Nikki Owen

Nikki Owen, UK’s Leading Expert in Charisma is the Founder of The Charisma Model Programme and the creator of The Big Apple Experiment. In 1978 at The Old Bailey, Nikki’s life was changed forever when she witnessed a charismatic barrister making legal history. This event inspired her to question whether charisma can be developed and to what extent charisma impacts on business success. Following global research with 2663 organisations (conducted in association with Nightingale-Conant Corporation, leaders in self-development) Nikki developed a blueprint to help any individual increase their natural charisma to increase performance, engagement and activate higher levels of health and happiness.