Dave O'ConnorDave O’Connor is “Going For Bold”

Most people start out in life with big dreams only to get disappointed when the goals they set don’t come to pass. They then play it safe and settle for an average life. The educational system seems to be set up in a way that supports this mindset of mediocrity – it certainly dosen’t equip us with the right operating manual for our brain. Is this way of thinking going against our true nature? In this presentation, Dave O’Connor proposes that not only is our inner creative mechanism built for achieving greatness, but that thinking small actively slows down our evolution as human beings.

For over 18 years Dave O’Connor has assisted thousands of individuals to achieve superior levels of performance in life.

Dave specializes in assisting people to make rapid and long-lasting change and is a leading results coach for individuals and organizations that want to accelerate their progress and produce breakthrough results.

As a Mindset Expert and Success Coach to Network Marketing Companies, Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, his trainings continually impact sales growth and performance with incredible results.


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