Rick MaczkaRick will be running an evening workshop on “Stories we live by and how to shape a new story” – Stories are hardwired into our nervous system – So how many stories are there? (fewer than you think)

Rick has been making use of stories that give life meaning since 1992 when he began studying the Psychotherapy Transactional Analysis; it holds that our life, and all roles and figures in our story of life were written out for us by the age of 8 like a script from a play. We tell ourselves stories daily, change this and get rid of problems or obstacles and have the life we want.

Rick has learned to change his “mess into a message” after being told he’d never amount to anything in life and then becoming a Drug addict for 16 years, Rick wants to share his interest in the use of therapeutic stories, or metaphors.

Learn how to understand what stories we live by and how to change or re write our life stories. Stories capture imagination and as social beings have use in all areas of life from business and education to relationships.

This event will be a lecture and workshop that you will leave having gained greater insight into your life and the lives of others through understanding myth metaphors and stories we live by.