Yes Group Norwich Sponsorship


Sponsoring the Yes Group Norwich

The YES Group is an outstanding community of hopeful, optimistic and motivated people all seeking to get the most from their lives. Our meetings are fun, informative, inspiring and empowering

Why sponsor The YES Group Norwich

  • The Yes Group meets every month (January to November) in Norwich, usually attracting 40 to 70 attendees
  • The Yes Group is part of a global network
  • High quality speakers from all around the world bring fascinating talks on success in health, relationships, career and business, personal development and spirituality to create a balanced fulfilled life
  • The venue – The Curve at The Forum in Norwich, is convenient and sophisticated

The Sponsorship Opportunity:

  • Includes one table at event for your promotional literature
    – Set up between 6.00pm and by 6.30 pm. Close down at 9.45 – leave by 10 pm (note extended time for promotion!)
  • Link on Yes Group Norwich website
  • Facebook Page –thank you message and link promotion
  • Promotion At the event:
    Before the break: Thank you introduction by Leadership member with opportunity for you to personally stand up in audience and introduce and promote your offering and raffle prize info in 60 seconds maximum (timed by bell!).
    – If you are not available or if you prefer to have your promotion read out by a Leadership member, please provide a hardcopy (by 6.30pm at the event).

Sponsorship Opportunity Investment:

11 months sponsorship (1 year)- £220

6 months sponsorship – £130

£25 per event


  • Payment for sponsorship in advance and for individual events, to be paid before the event or at latest by 6pm at event. Priority is given to previous sponsors.
  • No cancellation or refunds for non-attendance
  • When details of promotion and material for table are provided in advance, virtual sponsorship is permitted if cannot attend in person…

Your sponsorship is valuable! It helps us to make the events happen and pays for the venue so that the YES Group Norwich may continue to bring high class speakers to Norfolk.

Please apply for your sponsorship as soon as possible as opportunities are limited and a waiting list may apply.

Please contact for more information.