Steve Jack: The Consciousness Revolution – Evolving You In Shaping Tomorrow’s World

We are living in extraordinary times upon the Earth, and we are being called to awaken and shift our consciousness during this time of great planetary transformation. The Earth has just entered a high frequency band of energy and is now being blazed with increased solar flare activity, which is sending packets of information and light intelligence down through our atmosphere and into the energy field within which we live. It is through these solar encodings that the Earth (and as a consequence of living on her, humanity) is experiencing expanding consciousness. It is this increasing energy and vibration that is propelling our species into a great evolutionary leap that will shape the future reality of our planet.

Steve Jack is a powerful speaker who communicates with deep understanding, compassion and love, punctuated with humour, interesting personal stories and anecdotes that make his presentations dynamic, relevant and engaging. There is a palpable shift of energy in the room when Steve opens the space for his transmissions, and what follows is an articulate transfer of knowledge, wisdom and energy as he expands the audience’s consciousness and perception of reality through both understanding and direct experience.

Steve, during his talks, channels an energy signature through to the audience, which then interacts with the personal energy field of the attendees in the room, a process which allows them to experience an internal vibrational shift. It is the direct experience that Steve is able to integrate into his knowledge transmissions that really makes this interaction with him truly unique.

Steve works with people through coaching, healing, speaking and facilitating. His approach is very direct and transformational, all aspects across the Mind-Body-Energy Triad are simultaneously being worked on. This results in a very holistic, complete and relatively fast transformation. Steve Jack 1

Steve’s focus is on reprogramming your energy field and increasing your vibrational frequency and clearing wounds that you are carrying in your bio-energy field, meridians, tissues, and thoughts.  It is this process that creates such dramatic changes in your external reality as the old patterns, of looping thoughts, emotional reactions, fear, worry and anxiety get replaced with love, joy, peace and flow.

Join Steve’s talk on the 26th June at the Yes Group Norwich and match your energy to the increasing consciousness fields streaming down to earth at this time so you may consciously be a part of the evolutionary shift that is happening to our species at this very moment.

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