A Journey Back To Me

On Thursday 21st January we are pleased to welcome Vicky Ross to the Yes Group Norwich. Vicky started her career 25 years ago and has worked as an assistant to Dr Richard Bandler, John La Valle, Paul McKenna and Michael Neill. From there she then went on write three books that provide her unique insight into understanding behavioural change and building successful teams.

Your everyday life, lives in the hands of your mind.  Your mind lives in the hands of your soul.  When you soul and your mind have separated you may feel alone, abandoned and rejected.  You may feel not ‘good enough’ and keep trying to pretend to the world that you are better than what you believe you are.  You feel as though you are under massive and daily anxiety and stress.

It is the spirit that gives your energy, purpose and creativity to design your life.  When separated, you feel lethargic, you can’t figure out how to move forward and often feel lacking in direction.  Your purpose is unclear and you may wonder as you get up in the morning… what am I getting up for?  Oh yes… to pay the mortgage, the gas man etc…. Life is a treadmill and birthdays come too quick.

A journey back to yourself brings you in touch with who you are. It awakens your inner love and helps you re-connect to your core, leaving you feeling energised, full of purpose and loving life again. You will be able to design and visualise a bright future, hearing your inner voice guide you, enabling you to move forward to the life you really want.

Will 2016 be the year where you escape your negative self-talk and step up?  Will it be the year that you develop self-awareness and understanding of how to work with your strengths and weaknesses and bring yourself to a place of self-power?  Is it  the year that you realise that having self-power, aligns you with your true purpose and when you live with purpose you bring flow, acceptance and peace into your life?  Most of all, will 2016 be the year that you will remember what it feels like to be awakened and connected with yourself, experiencing joy and happiness?

For more information about Vicky visit www.vickyross.com

Date: Thursday 21st January 2016
Time: 6.30pm arrival for 7pm start
Venue: The Forum, Norwich

Cost: £5 per person whether you have attended a YesGroup event before or not – This is payable on the door in cash or cheque.