On Thursday 31st March we are pleased to welcome Tim Mikelj to speak at Yes Group Norwich.

Tim Mikelj is a former professional cyclist, racing in 15 countries all over the world, on a world-class level. He always had the fighting spirit within, but despite being successful on international level he didn’t feel he is at the right place in his life.

As he was growing up he started to look around, and he has seen people trapped in their mind and their world. They are not living the best life they could. He had seen no joy, no passion, no fun, no freedom. It just didn’t feel right, and Tim decided to change that. He quit his sports career straight after to follow his calling – to help others to become the best version of themselves.

Now Tim Mikelj is a Life & High Performance Coach and a Public Speaker, working with passionate and driven people from all across the globe. Tim transforms people’s lives from the inside out.

How to Create your Life from the Inside Out

Tim will talk about:

  • The power of heart based living and why living from your heart is the only right way to go.
  • The process that is going on within your mind and how to take control over it.
  • How to make a real breakthrough in your life.

“Having done a lot of self work led and being ready to create my own life I was searching for a tipping point. It took me a lot of time and many failures to get where I am today. I do not want to you to wait so long. I am taking my clients on ‘this side’ on a daily basis and I want to show you the way too. Looking forward to meeting you all.”

Find out more about Tim on his website: www.timmikelj.co.uk


Date: Thursday 31st March 2016
Time: 6.30pm arrival for 7pm start
Venue: The Forum, Norwich

Cost: £5 per person whether you have attended a YesGroup event before or not – This is payable on the door in cash or cheque.