A TRUE paradigm for human evolution and transformation

On Wednesday 16th December we are pleased to welcome Rudi and Jenny Kennard of Innate Wellbeing who specialise in training others in a Three Principle based approach.

They have trained principle-based facilitators internationally, spoken on TV, radio at international conferences and presented programs to populations like the homeless, schools, universities, prison and jail inmates, corporations, addiction centres, organisations and most recently with earthquake survivors in Nepal.

They attended the first ‘trainer of trainers’ principle-based course in the UK with the late Dr Roger Mills and Sydney Banks. They then went on to create the www.threeprinciplesmovies.com website.


A TRUE paradigm for human evolution and transformation

What would happen if the answer to personal and global evolution was so simple that it was hidden in plain view but overlooked?

What would happen if the answer to our personal issues, unwanted behaviours or thinking habits could be resolved effortlessly?

What would happen if global transformation could be augmented with one simple truth, that eradicated a whole plethora of seemingly intractable global issues?

This talk uncovers a pre-existing, universal fact of how all human experience is created, and offers a simple answer in a complex world.

We have shared this understanding of human realisation all of the world including to jail inmates, school children, corporations, coaches/therapists, the homeless, university students and more recently with earth quake survivors in Nepal.

For more information about Rudi and Jenny visit www.innatewellbeing.co.uk and  www.threeprinciplesmovies.com.


Date: Wednesday 16th December 2015
Time: 6.30pm arrival for 7pm start
Venue: The Forum, Norwich

Cost: Please note that we have now decided to amend the entry fee to £5 per person whether you have attended a YesGroup event before or not – This is payable on the door in cash or cheque.