Caroline Heward

The Harley Street Stress Expert, Relationship and Intimacy Mentor

On Thursday 25th August we are pleased to welcome Caroline Heward to speak at Yes Group Norwich.

Session ONE:

Stressful Relationships are caused by Misunderstandings…
Insights into the ‘control dramas’ of how men and women communicate
Find out why men want to fix things and women want to talk!
Control dramas are what we step into naturally, unless we become aware of them… it is the “ways” and behaviours that we learn, from a very young age, of how to gain attention and energy for ourselves. You will be surprised, when you learn the role you play, within different relationships. To become aware, of your control dramas will revolutionise the way you engage within all your relationships.

Session TWO:

The Psychology of Networking…
Quality “how to” secrets of networking made easy

This is a very simple and effective “How To” guide to successful networking
Networking can be stressful for some people and can be intimidating for others. It is a well-known fact, that people, buy people not services…people buy from people they like!

Find out the secrets of gaining instant rapport, that will have them literally eating out of your hand!

In this interactive workshop you will find out:

  • What your handshake says about you
  • How to gain instant rapport within seconds of meeting someone
  • How to spot the networking personality types
  • How to deal with the “networking leach” that just won’t leave you alone!
  • How to break into groups gracefully
  • How to make a smart exit
  • How to work a room effectively
  • How to speak to someone in “their way” – people buy from people that are similar to themselves

This is a fun, lively and experiential workshop that will be thoroughly entertaining and enlightening.
NOTE: Please bring plenty of business cards with you and an open mind!