Flourishing in an ever demanding world – with Kevin House

Modern life is relentless and you never know what’s around the corner. Constant change, uncertainty and stress are part of the career journey for many and at the Art of Brilliance we passionately believe we need to shift our focus in development whereby we equip people with the personal skills so that they can be the best version of themselves on a more consistent basis and thrive both personally and professionally.

The psychology of Flourishing is revolutionising personal and professional lives by focussing on the science of happiness. And it isn’t money or stuff that brings us long term happiness. The key is to develop inner happiness through self awareness, positivity, building strong relationships, having a sense of purpose bigger than yourself and having a bucket loads of GRIT – passion and perseverance for a long term goal. We all have a massive impact on others so if we are being the best that we can be, that will inspire others to do the same. It must start with the individual!

At the Art of Brilliance we specialise in training and development to help you be a more positive, motivated and resilient person. In short, we remind you how to be your best self. The workshops are designed to enlighten, educate, entertain and above all make a difference.

When you are your best self you can not only cope, but thrive and flourish in the most demanding situations.

Kev has worked in education, health and business and clients include SKY, ILM, AstraZeneca, Premier Inn, The Scottish Government, DHL, FedEx, NHS, Severn Trent, Lloyds, Teach First, Red Cross, Mondalez, Nationwide, UBM, British Gypsum, Proctor and Gamble, Microsoft.

In 2006, as an out of control, obese, heavy drinking Type 1 Diabetic, a doctor gave Kev the ultimatum. Change or face the consequences. It was time to stop numbing, wake up and face the challenge head on. Kev had changed loads of times but had consistently failed. Reluctantly, after a recommendation from a friend, Kev started reading some of that ‘airy fairy positivity stuff’ and was shocked at the results when he put the ideas into practice. Some thought Kev had lost his marbles when he announced he was going to run the in the New York City Marathon in 2017. With hard work, sacrifice and a bucketful positive psychology he ran 26.2 miles, truly life changing experience. Kev’s not looked back. The benefits are incredible:more energy, improved mood, good diabetic control and most importantly for Kev, he can still get into his skinny jeans! Kev is inspiring children and adults through Keynote speaking, workshops and one to one’s to take control and manage their own minds , develop self awareness, GRIT, self love and most importantly take personal responsibility.

Event date: Thursday 29th November
Registration: 6:30pm-7:00pm
Time: 7:00pm-9:30pm
Venue: The Forum, Norwich
Cost: £5 per person