On Thursday 25th May we are pleased to invite two speakers for you, Ollie Matthews and Jim Langley.

Ollie Matthews

The guy who takes the confusion and fluffy stuff out of what you really can do to maximise your health, succeed in business and revitalise your life. Working with busy business guys and performance athletes, Ollie Matthews (The Athlete Upgrade Coach) interlinks his methods to develop nutrition and training programs for clients all around the world from executives in Los Angeles, to Olympic athletes, Tour De France riders and even the odd world champion here and there. But the thing he loves the most – teaming up with one person at a time to really make and impact on that person’s life even if they are just a normal run of the mill person, like Ollie himself.

You will learn the 5 pillars of health, why sugar is the secret to fat loss and even why it isn’t your fault if you’ve fallen off the wagon and been suckered into buying unicorns to make you instantly drop ‘weight’.

Jim Langley

Jim has worked for many years as a Counsellor before specialising in Eating Disorders, working for several years in ED Clinics as Assistant Manager and Trainer in one. He also taught Life Skills while working as an Adult Education Teacher.

Before moving to the Midlands Jim qualified as a Massage Therapist and ran his own studio in Norwich. While in the Midlands Jim worked as a Gym Instructor and Nutritional Advisor as well as a Fitness Consultant for one of the UKs leading Health Clubs. For the last few years Jim has worked as Ambulance Crew.

Jim is currently in training with Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy and will be presenting an interactive session looking at understanding our relationship with food, exploring the often hidden issues of our compulsions and our physical and emotional eating habits.

The session will also look at the deception in the food industry, the effects of the media, why diets don’t work, comfort eating and most importantly how to make changes!

Bring a pen and be encouraged!

Date – Thursday 25th May
Venue – Forum, Norwich
Time – 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Cost – £5 per person