On Thursday 29th June we are excited to welcome back Sandy Newbigging to the Yes Group Norwich.

Calm Cure: The Unexpected Way to Improve Your Health, Your Life and Your World

Do you have a health, money, relationship or career problem that just won’t go away? Sandy returns to the Yes Group Norwich to talk about his brand new Hay House book called Calm Cure. He will share that most of us are so preoccupied with trying to deal with the symptoms of our issues that we never get around to discovering and resolving the underlying cause. During what is sure to be an insightful and enlightening talk, he will cover:

• The surprising hidden causes of your health and life problems
• Why other things you’ve done to create positive change haven’t worked long-term
• Why you keep recreating the same patterns over and over again
• The 3-step Calm Cure technique to help your body heal and improve key areas of life, including emotions, relationships, career, finances and more.

Sandy’s new Calm Cure technique will empower you to move freely towards greater health, wealth, happiness and success, while being a positive presence in the world.

Sandy’s Bio:

Sandy C. Newbigging is the best-selling author of 6 books and creator of the Mind Calm, Body Calm, Mind Detox and Calm Cure techniques, collectively called Calmology. His work has appeared on television and radio internationally. Psychologies magazine recently described him as ‘the mind maestro’ and he was commended by the Federation of Holistic Therapists as ‘Tutor of the Year’. He has trained practitioners from 15+ countries in his methods and his Calm Clan website has members from around the world benefiting from his powerful teachings and techniques.www.sandynewbigging.com

Date – Thursday 29th June
Venue – Forum, Norwich
Time – 6.30pm – 9.30pm
Cost – £5 per person