Brian Mayne is an inspirational speaker, author and creator of the world-leading achievement system, Goal Mapping.

“ Brian is one of the best at helping people create a world-class blueprint for their life – not just goals but sustainable success. His mapping systems are a blast and really effective.”
Anthony Robbins

While Brian is now an inspiring international speaker and author, he was born into a travelling fairground family, and further to a nomadic childhood. He left school early with no qualifications and unable to read or write.

When Brian’s family business failed during the UK recession of the late 1980’s, he lost what seemed like everything: his income, his home and his marriage. He was 29 years old, £1 million in debt and still relatively unable to read or write.
It was at this seemingly low point that Brian discovered the keys to success: that you can change your life by changing your thoughts and feelings about it.

Using simple but powerful techniques, Brian learned to hold positive thoughts by setting goals, and through those goals he gradually transformed both himself and his life.

Brian is now an international speaker on human potential, and has empowered hundreds of thousands of people with his unique systems for success.

What is Goal Mapping?

Throughout history the most successful men and women have been those who developed their natural ability to set and achieve goals into a powerful skill for success. Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping is a unique whole-brain approach to setting goals that powerfully helps people achieve their desires

Goal setting is a natural function of the brain. Every decision is in effect a goal, which triggers a subconscious process that transforms the decision into an action and onto a result.
Becoming a master of goal setting is the first step in mastering all other things in life. It is the number-one prerequisite for the success of any project, target, career, team or organisation.

How Goal Mapping works

Combining timeless wisdom with modern scientific breakthroughs, Goal Mapping helps people gain ever-greater levels of conscious, concise clarity about their goals, motivations and actions.
Where traditional goal setting techniques focus on left-brain words and endless repetition Goal Mapping uses words and imagery, the language of the subconscious.

By creating a Goal Map the whole of your brain is activated, and your goals are impacted on your subconscious, which helps to steer you towards the things you desire.
This is why Goal Mapping is seen as the master skill for success in all areas of life – and a powerful life-empowerment programme for individual, educational or corporate achievement.

Brian Mayne is the creator of the Goal Mapping, Life Mapping and Self Mapping personal development systems, and the Seven Magic Keys development programme for children.

In particular, Goal Mapping – Brian’s simple system for sustainable success – has helped people from all walks of life to turn their dreams into realities,and Brian is on course to achieving his own goal of lifting the lives of 7 million people.

Brian’s four books have been published in eight languages.
His books, audios, videos and live presentations have won
universal praise for their clarity and effectiveness, and he is the recipient of a UK National Training Award.

As well as helping individuals to achieve their aims, Brian helps leading organisations such as Siemens, Microsoft and BT. He has also worked with renowned speakers such as Brendon Buchard,
Anthony Robbins, Christopher Howard and T Harv Ecker.

“ Brian has a unique ability to communicate and teach the life skills that are critical for success. He is refreshing and admirable and I recommend him to anybody who is ready to create their best life.” Christopher Howard

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