Yes Group Norwich with Lottie Stickley – Thursday 28th July 2016

On Thursday 28th July we are pleased to welcome Lottie Stickley to speak at Yes Group Norwich.  Lottie is a Corporate Trainer who specialises in personal development.

‘Most of my working life has been within education and the NHS delivering courses in areas such as resilience, stress management, challenging conversations and much more.  I have also worked in organisations such as Women’s Aid, Victim Support as well as with hospitals such as The Royal Marsden NHS in London.     Recently, I became licensed to facilitate a workshop called Increase Your Power and Influence, created by Lynette Allen of Her Invitation. This workshop is for women only and shows them how to increase their power and influence in their personal life and ultimately their career.

Lottie will spend the evening talking to you all about two areas she is personally very passionate about.   The first is resilience – what it really means and how we can build it; and the second is helping women to increase their power and influence.

This will be a lively evening of information, discussion and activity.’