The world we live in can get pretty confusing if we let it and that gets multiplied when it comes to our health, especially that ‘thing’ so many people strive for ‘weight loss’.

Not only is it frustrating to be constantly on this journey of wanting to get healthy but it can get us pretty frustrated and above all lead us into a vicious circle of feeling pretty hard on ourselves when we aren’t successful.

In this world of being too fat, too thin, not toned enough, too muscly, not muscly enough, eating too much cake, not enough cake, too much dairy, eating gluten, doing to much exercise, not enough, counting steps, calories and sleep, how many chemicals are too many, how much sleep is necessary, should you fast, go vegan, eat cholesterol, red meat….confused?

With over ten years in this industry and an international best selling book, Ollie has worked with multiple professional athletes, entrepreneurs and celebrities to bring you the knowledge which can actually work (no magic pills in sight!) allowing you to take control of your health and confidence now that 2019 is upon us.

Ollie will go through multiple strategies including:
– Why you want to get healthy
– What it’s actually like to be in amazing shape
– How you may have to dig deep into the memories for your goals to be a success
– The changes we need to make in order to actually improve our health
– The ONE thing you can do today to NOT get overwhelmed by all these diets you see online, in the news and within your work place.

This is NOT to be missed.

Event date: Thursday 31st January
Registration: 18:30-19:00
Event time: 19:00-21:30
Venue:The Forum, Norwich
Cost: £10 per person